1. Pull up on the lock shackle.
  2. Twist and remove the metal end piece on the opposite side of where the shackle is.
  3. Remove the 5 Wheels. 
  4. Ensure that the red marks remain aligned with Breakout EDU logo on the bottom side of the lock.
  5. Slide the wheels onto the lock so that the symbol/letter/shape/color you would like is on the red line of the lock and aligns with the Breakout EDU logo. (IMPORTANT NOTE: The first wheel inserted has a flat side that rests against the lock. This wheel must be placed on the lock first with the flush side against the lock in order to properly set the combination.)
  6. Place the metal cap back into place and turn it so the lock is ready to close. 
  7. Reinsert the shackle and scramble the wheels to lock.