Breakout EDU is an open source project. We believe that everyone deserves access, even if they cannot afford to purchase a box directly from us. Below is a list of all the kit items. We've linked to each item's Amazon listing*, but you can find many of the items at a local hardware store. 

What comes in each kit: 

Other Items

Building Your Own Box

The official Breakout EDU box is 30cm x 30 cm x 6 cm. However, a box of any size will work for most games. A few games require that you place the small three-digit lock box inside the Breakout EDU box. Here are some examples of boxes teachers have built.  

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*Each of the Amazon links have an affiliate link attached. Breakout EDU makes a small referral fee  (3-6%) from each of the items purchased through those links. We use that money to provide kit giveaways to events like EdCamps, prizes, and direct donations to schools.