Through teamwork you completed phase one of the google innovative educator breakout edu challenge


Each of you (individually) needs to complete the following steps: 

  1. Prepare a 5-min oral story (no slides or graphics) that you can share with the group that had an impact in shaping who you are as an educator today. 
  2. Choose one physical item (small enough to fit inside your Breakout EDU Kit) that helps you tell your story.
  3. Use your lock (four-digit number or word) to design a one-puzzle game to lock your Breakout EDU kit. 
  4. Create a clue that players will need in order to play your game. The players should be able to solve your puzzle in 3-7 minutes--nothing too complex. 
  5. Place the clue(s) inside a single envelope
  6. Bring all items with you to Toronto. Do not lock your box while traveling. Security does not like locked boxes inside luggage. 

For example, if I had the word lock, I could lock my Breakout EDU kit with the word ATLAS and include the following clue in the envelope: "As you travel the world, you will see me many times. I'll show you the Earth, the oceans, the stars, every landscape across the Great Divide. I'll show you the way as I pay for my crime." Once they open your kit it would be your turn to share your 5-min story.