It is crazy to see just how quickly this little idea of creating immersive learning games has turned into a full blown venture. So far we’ve tested Breakout games with more than 250 teachers and students across 8 states and two countries. We just completed the second version of our Breakout Kit and are now have four games in the store, with more soon to follow. 

However, we want to move faster. We cannot wait until there are hundreds of games in the store (across all content areas) and players around the world benefiting from learning through games. 

Today we’re bringing in a new batch of beta testers and inviting few new game designers onto the platform.  We are thankful that you have joined us in this journey! 

Mark at work cutting the wood for the kits. 

Mark at work cutting the wood for the kits. 

Custom Kits

The first handmade Breakout boxes have been completed and are starting to ship. In the spirit of Bay Area startups, we have transformed Mark Hammons’ garage into a Breakout EDU woodshop.  Special thanks to the Hammons family for putting up with the mess!  As we scale, we intend to continue providing a hand crafted option.  Maybe I can convince my dad to quit his plumbing work and build kits for us. He did a great job building our family house, I’m sure he could build wood boxes… :) 

We’re very excited about this first batch of Breakout kits and we’re working hard to make enough to keep up with your orders. Please reach out directly if you have any questions. 

The Future

Our aim is to build Breakout EDU in the open. We plan to share our plans and ideas in the online community and on the blog so that you know what to expect and help can join us in this journey--no NDAs, no secret plans.  

Our core focus is producing games that blend elements of the physical and the virtual worlds.

For the foreseeable future we plan to focus intently on the following areas: 

  • Producing a kit that transforms any space into an immersive Breakout game. 
  • Building games that are compatible with the kit that cover a wide variety of ages and themes 
  • Create custom Breakout experiences in physical spaces around the world 

Going to ISTE? 

Breakout EDU will have a space at ISTE where you can see the kit first hand and test out our new games that we have designed that incorporate Google Cardboard. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out where the booth is. Consider it your first Breakout challenge :) 

New Games 

Decoding The War - In Decoding the War, the newest game designed by Mark Hammons, the players are racing against the clock to solve a series of mysteries related to World War II. Hitler is quickly taking over Europe and it’s up to the players to learn how the German enigma machine works to decipher the messages and win the war. This game is perfect as an introduction to the topic and will leave the players wanting to learn more about Alan Turing and the history of encryption. 

Candy Caper - Candy Caper is our first game designed for younger players. In this game, someone has taken all the candy and it’s up to the students to follow the clues, solve the puzzles and save the candy.  This game was designed by Kern Kelly, a super innovative educator from Maine. 


The Lost Colony - From the creative mastermind Chris Scott comes the new game,The Lost Colony. In this game players find themselves stranded in the new world with strange surroundings. Worst of all, there is a massive storm 45 minutes from making landfall. It’s imperative that players get inside the lock box, the future of the group is in the balance. 


Something to look forward to:  In a few weeks we plan on launching our first games that are compatible with Google Cardboard.