When we first explored the idea of making a box, our original plan was to burn the logo into each box, but once we started looking into it, we discovered a much simpler solution that allowed us to apply the logos much quicker. We hope you'll use our same techniques to customize your Breakout EDU box! 

Step 1: The first step is to find the image that you want on the box. Below we have the Breakout EDU logo. We’ve flipped it horizontally so that when we transfer it from the paper to the wood it will appear correctly. (Here's a free online photo editor you can use to flip your images horizontally

Step 2: Print the image using a toner printer (ink jet does not transfer as well). 

Step 3: Secure the paper to the wood where you want the logo. Make sure you tape down at least one side so that the paper does not move while transferring. 

Step 4: Using the wood burner, with the wide circle tip, press firmly down on the paper, moving the burner around to heat up every part of the image that you’re looking to transfer. If the burner is too hot, it’ll burn the wood. To reduce the heat, rub the burner on another piece of wood. The temp will slowly come down. You should experiment on another piece of wood (or the bottom of the Breakout EDU box) before doing it with your actual graphic. You should only use the paper once, since most of the toner will have transferred to the wood. 

Step 5: Share your awesome creations online (especially the Breakout EDU Facebook group!) 

This is the wood burner that we use. It’s currently $18.49 USD on Amazon (link below):