Tell your story. Win a Free Breakout EDU kit.

From the beginning we created Breakout EDU as a community-first project with a singular objective: bring gaming to every classroom in a meaningful way.

More than anything, Breakout EDU is a collection of amazing educators passionate about teaching and learning – folks who are always looking for new ways to push the status quo.  We would like to recognize these awesome teachers, leaders, and instructional coaches through a new campaign we’re calling, "My Breakout EDU".

Whether you have a kit from us or have put together the open sourced version, we want the community to know you. We encourage you to decorate your Breakout EDU kit, however you see fit. Don't be afraid to go wild! I challenge Adam Bellow and his kids to put together a Star Wars-themed one! Chris Scott, maybe a Minecraft one?

(LINK: How we transfer permanent images from paper to the Breakout EDU boxes.)

How to Enter

To keep things simple, we’ve put together this form with a few questions. We’ll start posting the profiles Monday, September 28. You need to complete the form in order to enter.


First Prize: The Breakout EDU community member with the best kit decoration will win a free Breakout EDU kit for the teacher or school of their choice.  You can even keep it for yourself if you’re current in the classroom and need an additional box.  

Second Prize: We're going to be ordering Breakout EDU t-shirts in the next few weeks and we'll send you one! 

Entries are open until October 15.