1. Story! Story! Story! All great Breakout EDU games have a narrative. Why is there a locked box? Why do they need to open it?

  2. Avoid depending on prizes. All games should end with the conclusion of the story. It’s a slippery slope with prizes

  3. Puzzles that require critical thinking. As much as possible, avoid puzzles where the solution is a simple date or number hidden with text make your players think critically and require making connections between clues and puzzles.

  4. Variety of puzzle types: Great games feature a variety of puzzle types. Some may require translation or making connections prior learning, while others might require careful reading.

  5. Meaningful Reflection Activities. Breakout EDU games allow you to see your learners through a different lens. Have your players reflect on their experience, making observations on their teamwork and problem solving strategies. How would they attack the problem different in the future.

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