We continue to be blown away by the interest in Breakout EDU. At present, there are roughly 3,000  Breakout EDU kits in the wild, with thousands of students playing Breakout EDU games in their classes every day. Mark has been working hard to catch up on U.S. orders; our goal is to ship kits within 3-7 days of ordering.  Stay tuned!

Breakout EDU Homework

I’m excited to share that on February 7 we will be launching Breakout EDU Homework. Homework is rarely engaging, and it’s hard to come up with a new assignment every night (not to mention grade!). The goal of Breakout EDU Homework is to design engaging global homework assignments that can be assigned by teachers. We plan on creating the first few, then opening it up to community-designed challenges. New challenges will be posted every Monday. We envision this being something that’ll be fun for the whole family to complete together!

Growing the Team

We’ve been slowly growing the Breakout EDU team. A shout out to Patti Harju and Lynne Herr from the community who have joined the game team! Patti will be overseeing the review of games for the official directory and Lynne will be managing the community games. Our aim is to improve the ease of discovering new games in the directory and to simplify/standardize the setup and directions for playing the community games.

Tyler Pincus, our Breakout EDU Intern, will be managing a variety of special projects. Tyler is a freshman at The Minerva Project (an awesome “startup” university)and is focused on learning more about the role of technology in education and building startups.


We’ve joined forces with BirdBrain Education to begin designing games aligned to curricular areas and educational standards. The first games will be designed for the History of the Roman Empire. We plan on begin testing the games later this month. Email Tyler@BreakoutEDU.com if you are interested in being involved with the project.

School-Wide Breakouts

In March, Mark and I are headed to London to facilitate a school-wide Breakout EDU activity with 125 year seven students. Students will be divided into small groups and will have two hours to navigate a series of puzzles in order to open the mystery chest. The game is designed to teach students digital citizenship, foreign language, geography, and how to use their iPads in on-demand learning environments. Reach out to me (James@BreakoutEDU.com) if you are interested in setting up something similar for your school.

Multiple-Location Breakout Games

This weekend Mark and I decided to try something different when facilitating Time Warp. Check it out!