Game Creator “Bill of Rights”

Adopted: August 15, 2016

It is exciting to see so many educators creating and sharing their games on the Breakout EDU platform. The games have brought countless hours of immersive learning experiences to children and educators around the world. We wanted to share this Breakout EDU Game Creator “Bill of Rights”. We value what you have created and wanted to share how we will help protect your work.


  1. If you choose to create and share on the Breakout EDU platform, you retain the rights to the content and control over the work.

  2. You can remove the game from the platform should you want it to no longer remain public.


  1. Games are not allowed to be played during paid events without consent of the game maker and Breakout, Inc.

  2. Accessing another's Breakout EDU game and posting the contents of it on other platforms is not allowed.

  3. Posting Breakout EDU content (games, presentations, etc.) that was not directly created by you on another site for sale is prohibited.


  1. If you remix another member’s game, feel free to submit the altered version to the Breakout EDU game library. Be sure to include the fact that this game is an adaptation. Be sure to cite the original game title and its creator.

If you discover any example where your, or another user’s, rights have been violated. Please contact info@BreakoutEDU and we will work to resolve the matter.

We look forward to seeing more games that you create and continuing to supporting classrooms that believe it is time for something different.

- Team Breakout EDU