We’re excited to share with you some details on the new Breakout EDU Platform.

We wanted to take a moment and explain the new Breakout EDU platform and how you can access all the great free resources available.

The new site allows teachers to have accounts rather than having to enter the generic password every time they access a game. All of the 300+ games that were previously available are now available for free on the new platform. This includes great games from the Breakout EDU Team like Time Warp, The Dot, Totally Radical 80s Time Travel Adventure, and Dr. Johnson. You can sign up for your account here. 

In each Subject Pack folder you’ll find a collection of games labeled “user generated”. That is where we’ll be housing all those games. We’ve also added the tag “free” to those games.  We will continue to add games to these collections regularly.

User Generated Games.png

In addition to the hundreds of free games and resources, we’re launching two new premium elements. On the platform you will find 100+ new “Subject Packs” that contain games for specific content areas and a tool for building custom digital games.

Subject Packs

Our team is currently working hard to build games for as many subject areas and lesson topics as possible. Here’s a list of our first collections. If you don’t see the game you’re looking for, you can request new game topics.

The NEW Breakout EDU Digital


The new tool is fantastic and you’re able to design custom games and track students progress. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to use the new digital tool.

We’ve created a few examples so you can see how much fun your students will have with the the new Breakout EDU Digital. You can play a sample Halloween game we created for elementary students here.

The Updated Kit

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.45.42 AM.png

In additional to all the standard Breakout EDU kit items. We now include in the kit the new color, shape, and number rings for your Multilocks and the red lens viewer.


Each Breakout EDU kit now includes 12 months of access to the platform. You’ll have the ability to renew your access for a discounted price. Additionally, users are able to purchase access separately without a kit. Here is the full pricing chart.

You can purchase the updated Breakout EDU kit or platform access here.

Already have a kit?

If you’ve ordered a kit previously with Breakout EDU shoot us an email with your order information and we can provide you with information on how to upgrade your account.

For more information on getting started with Breakout EDU please visit BreakoutEDU.com/welcome

Please reach out to us at info@BreakoutEDU.com if you have any additional questions.