After launching the Breakout EDU Platform just a few weeks ago, we have been hard at work on making it even better. While a lot of that work is going on “behind the screens” to increase speed, cross-browser compatibility, etc., we wanted to share with you some of the changes from the past week or so:

Digital Game Locks gain a new Lock Setup / Story Element

When creating a Digital Game you may notice that we added an optional text box to each of the Digital Game puzzles. Now, in addition to the clue (text, image, or video) that you provide, you can include text to set up the clue.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.27.33 PM.png

Resources for Creation

Playing games with Breakout EDU is a ton of fun. Building games is also a fun challenge. We updated the site with some helpful resources. The first is a printable PDF template that you can use when planning a digital game. The second is a submission for users who are creating Digital Games to share them. We look forward to showcasing some free user-generated games.

Tap or Type

For letter or number puzzles, you can type in your answers in addition to the tap option.


In the spirit of Austin Kleon’s “Show your work” mantra, we wanted to share with you the brief tale of a feature that we quickly built and launched based on user feedback, but ultimately decided to remove based on - you guessed it, more user feedback. When playing a Breakout EDU Digital Game some users had become upset that their students had refreshed the screen and reset the game. We developed a feature that would produce a pop-up warning whenever a user was in a digital game and neared the edge of the browser. But this pop-up wound up confusing many more folks. We made the decision to remove it. Long story short - we learn from all the feedback we get from our users and make the best efforts to make the site better each and every day. We appreciate your patience as we improve it even further.

Coming Soon

Here’s a sneak peek of a feature that we hope to launch in the next few weeks. We are building the ability to drag and re-order your locks while editing Digital Games.

Bug Reporting / Feature Requests

We take every email to heart and every suggestion seriously. If you are having a problem on the site or have an idea that you want us to consider, please feel free to report it by filling out this form. Bug reports can be submitted at - Feature suggestions can be sent to