We are continuing to work hard at making the Breakout EDU Platform even better. While a lot of that work is going on “behind the screens” to increase speed, cross-browser compatibility, search functionality, etc., we wanted to share with you some exciting improvements that we released this week.

Combination input spaces equal combination Answers

When we launched the platform we had designed the answer fields for the digital game locks to have 10 empty slots for all answers. If the answer to the puzzle was "CAT" the combination field would still have 10 possible slots for letters. After hearing from users that this was confusing we adjusted it so that the number of inputs in the answer equal to the number of inputs in the correct combination. So now, "CAT" would show 3 circles.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.27.33 PM.png

Drag and Drop Locks in Creation/Editing

When you are creating a Breakout EDU Digital Game or editing a game you have already created, you can now drag and drop the order of the locks.

Animated Gifs

We now accept Animated Gifs as an image type for Digital Game images. Like all images, the size needs to be 5MB or less.

Coming Soon

We are working on creating a robust search tool for the entire platform as well as some new lock types. Look for lots more features from us in the near future.

Bug Reporting / Feature Requests

We take every email to heart and every suggestion seriously. If you are having a problem on the site or have an idea that you want us to consider, please feel free to report it by filling out this form. Bug reports can be submitted at https://www.breakoutedu.com/bug - Feature suggestions can be sent to info@breakoutedu.com