I’m Karen Finklestein from Pembroke Pines, Florida and I teach Reading and Coding at The City of Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School. 

How did you first learn about Breakout EDU? 

At FETC 2016 from Adam Bellow. He had a kit to give away and after he explained about Breakout I wanted that kit! 

How has Breakout EDU impacted your classroom? 

It puts everyone on an even playing field. I have seen some of my lower performing students shine as leaders during Breakouts because it’s a different way of showing what they can do. 

What suggestions do you have for a teacher first getting started with Breakout EDU? 

Just do it! Whether it works well or not it will be a great learning experience for you and your students. Actually running a game gives you a great feeling for how the games work and then you can adjust your strategies after that. 

As the world changes, how do you see tools like Breakout EDU preparing students to solve problems in the future? 

Life involves teamwork and so does Breakout, so it prepares students for working in a group and communicating well with others. 

How has Breakout EDU helped your students learn about the the importance of grit and progressing through failure?

They really want to open those locks and  even though they are frustrated when they do not have the right combination, they go back and work on it more - that doesn't happen with a worksheet!

How do you plan on using Breakout EDU in your classroom next year?

I am going to be sharing Breakout with our faculty this year so hopefully more students will get the opportunity to experience Breakout