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Breakout EDU welcomes you back-to-school with some great new games that are perfect for starting the year! We have lots of exciting things planned for this coming year, including the launch of over 600 new curriculum-aligned games coming in 10 DAYS!

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Keyla had such fun riding the bus to school today, and is excited to ride it home. Help Keyla Breakout of her great day at school so she can catch the bus home!


Another summer vacation has come to an end, and now it’s back to school. You see many familiar faces, and some new ones as well. So far, your class seems pretty cool, and you teacher is fantastic. She is giving you a game to play already! She wants you to guess where she spent her summer vacation based on the clues she’s left you. Wow! This year is going to be amazing with a fun teacher like that!


School has ended and you and your friends are still in the library working quietly on your school project. Mr. Lemoncello has begun his closing procedures and forgot to check the back area where you and your friends have been working. He sets the alarm and leaves for the day. You and your friends get up to leave and notice the library is locked and the alarm is set. This isn’t the first time this has happened, so Mr. Lemoncello has a “Breakout” procedure for those students locked in the library that he left near the entrance. .

Can you and your friends breakout in time for dinner?


It's the first day of school! You enter the classroom all prepped for class, but realize something is not right. Maybe it was that massive lightning storm last night, but things seem very odd. You look up at the chalkboard, see "Today's date: September 5th, 1985," and realize . . . you've gone back in time! You look down at the front desk and see a black box with an envelope on top of it. Could it contain the clues you need to get back the real first day of school in your own time?


It’s the first day of school at Carlsmont Middle School. Can you navigate the day and learn everything you need in order to succeed in this class?


Welcome back to a new school year. This year, there are many exciting days in store for you and your classmates. We know what you’re thinking, “How can that be? I hardly know most of the kids in my class.” Trust us. You will get to know all of them, and you will learn to work together accomplishing many tasks. You and your classmates will strive to achieve great victories. We could go on and on, but you won’t be convinced until you see it for yourself, right? Then, allow us to show you! My fellow classmates and I have left you something inside this box that will help explain everything. What’s the catch you might ask? Well, the KEY is to work together with your new classmates and figure out the clues.


It’s the beginning of a new school year. We are all going to have the best year yet! Let’s go over our daily schedule. We will have math, reading, science, social studies, and even special classes like art and music! We also can’t forget about the best part of the day… lunch! Any questions? (pause) Oh no! You are right! There must be a mix up! I swear I put recess on the schedule! That schedule must be locked up in this box! We must solve the puzzles and open this box so we don’t miss recess!


It is normal for students (and parents) to feel nervous before the start of a new school year! With just a little preparation, you can become super students just like we did when we were your age when we were inducted into super student training. It is your lucky day because each year, we share the skills we learned that summer with students enter our classrooms! All you have to do is work through these clues and you, too, will be a super student!