It's that time OF YEAR again!

HERE ARE four NEW Breakout EDU games that are perfect for Back to School!

We hope you had a great summer relaxing and readying yourselves for another awesome school year ahead.

We have added all of these new games, as well as last years' back to school games, to the Featured Games 

In addition to these four new games, the Breakout EDU team has been cooking up something very special that we will be sharing with you in the coming weeks.

We have added all of these new games, as well as last years' back to school games, to the Featured Games section of the website.

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Elementary School
Vacations are awesome, but it is time to get back to school! We want to celebrate with our Back to School Boogie, but our license to  dance is locked up! We didn’t want the teachers to start dancing without us so we put it in the Breakout EDU box to keep it safe. We left the combinations written in dance codes around the room. Help us figure out the clues so we can open the Box and get our Back to School Boogie On! 

Raiders of the Lost Locker

Upper Elementary / Middle School
In the 1950s students used lockboxes for lockers and traveled to classes with them. The local high school in Cincinnati, Ohio found this unopened locker that appears to be at least 60 years old, and they have sent it to us to see if we can help them figure out to whom it belongs. Are you ready for an adventure?

Application Incomplete

High School
Your college applications have been turned in, or have they? Letters have arrived from five schools letting you know they are missing part of your application and if you don’t get it in on time, it will mean you will not be accepted to any of the schools you applied to. Luckily the letters will help you get started and figure out how to open the Large Breakout Box, and make sure your Application is Accepted! The clock is ticking and you only have 45 minutes!

The Faulty Lounge

Educators / Adults
The principal just won the lottery and abruptly left the back to school meeting. She said, "I'm outta here! If you need me, I'll be on my newly purchased private island near Fiji without my cell phone or access to email. Everything you will need for another great year is in this room. Good luck!"
You look around and find a newly printed school handbook as well as a locked box which you hope will hold the key to a successful school year ahead.
The students show up in 45 minutes. Can you be ready by then?