The summer of 2018 was a busy one for our team and we’re excited to share what’s new with your Breakout EDU account.

Student Game Builder  

With full platform access, teachers can now add classes and have their own students design digital Breakout EDU games. Students submit their games for approval and you can add them to a classroom library where students will be able to play their games. This is a perfect way to “level up” any classroom assignment.

Digital Subject Packs

We recently released more than 150 new digital Subject Pack games on the platform. With the class feature, teachers can quickly assign these games to your students and view their results.

New Breakout EDU Apps for Android and iOS!

Tags by Breakout EDU is a new app by allows you to quickly and easily scan custom Breakout EDU tags to play digital games right on your mobile device. In addition, there is a QR Code scanner and RFID Scanner to allow players to unlock game content.