Calling All Elementary Teachers!

Want to learn more about Breakout EDU game design? Applications are now open for first Breakout EDU game design course. Those that complete the course will learn how to design great Breakout EDU games for their class and unlock 12 months of Full Platform Access.  


There will be a series of four online lessons, each lesson will be 30-60 minutes in length. Participants will be able to go through each online lesson at their own time and pace.

Participants in the course will learn about Breakout EDU game design and create a game that they can use in their class or professional development. Each participant will be able to choose their own game topic. Those that complete the course and have their game published as a free game on the platform will earn 12 additional months of Full Platform Access.


Week of 2/18

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Breakout EDU Game Design

  • Lesson 2: Puzzles & Clues

Week of 2/25

  • Lesson 3: Ensuring Critical Thinking and Collaboration

  • Lesson 4: Preparing to Publish

Final Project Due 3/15