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Our website redesign is more than a fresh coat of paint. We used this occasion to help make navigating Breakout EDU even easier and more straight-forward for teachers. In addition to a new look, we have added some great new features.

You'll notice that we now have a header on the top of the site where we can highlight games, features of the platform, or call attention to other announcements. Be sure to check out the sneak peek button for what we are launching soon.

The new site design now lists all of the subjects on the platform homepage. Simply click on the subject you’re interested in find the perfect game for your class. Remember that you can easily filter the search or search for keywords using those options right under the header.

You asked, and we have answered! When you’re logged into your Full Platform Access account you can now save games to come back to later. Simply click the Bookmark icon on the game title card and the game is saved. Your bookmarks are available in the My Account section of the site which you can get to from the drop-down on your account dropdown. If you want to remove the game, simply click the “Remove Bookmark” button.

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When you visit you will now see that the game cards all have the type of game in the upper left corner (Kit Required or Digital). They also will let you know if the game is only available to those with Full Platform Access. If you don’t have access or are not logged in with your account, you will see “Locked” on the upper right hand corner of the game.

To gain access to all games and features of the site, log in with your Full Platform Account or you can purchase access at