Here are a collection of Computer Science games that are designed for your Breakout EDU KIT. Don't have a kit yet? Order a kit here.

Like all of our games, there is a password required to view the game itself. If you don't have that password, please complete the form linked here.




The kid code

  • Game Creator: Patti Harju
  • Ages:   Early Elementary
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class


Our teacher locked the recess/lunch/special code, also known as the Kid Code in the Breakout EDU box and the Small Box with the 3 Digit Lock and she forgot the combinations to the locks!  If we don't get the boxes open in time and put the two parts of The Kid Code together, we will not get recess/lunch/special!





caught in the code

  • Game Designer: Patti Harju
  • Ages: Elementary and Middle School
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class


We are caught in an infinite loop! Someone has re-written our classroom code and we are stuck. We will keep having the same day over and over unless we can find the correct code to de-bug the system. The correct code has been locked in the Breakout EDU box - once we figure out the combos, we will escape the loop and move forward.

Break the Code

  • Game Creator: Deborah Miller
  • Ages: Elementary and Middle School
  • Ideal Group Size: Whole Class


Follow the “Break the Code” clues and you will be exposed to different forms of code. Each solved code challenge will open a lock. Inside each box is a clue that will help you solve the challenge that will unlock another lock or box. Break all the  codes to Breakout of the room.