Here is the template you need to complete in order to submit your game to the Breakout EDU Game Directory for review. 

We currently have a program to reward people for designing their own games. The game creators retain all ownership over their games and can choose to remove them from the directory upon request.

Reward Program* 

  • First game submitted and accepted into the directory: Breakout EDU T-Shirt
  • Second game submitted and accepted into the directory: Breakout EDU Reflection Cards
  • Third game submitted and accepted into the directory: A complete Hard Plastic Breakout EDU kit

*only applies to games in the official directory, not the sand box

** Currently, we only have the capacity to reward the first three games. 


Breakout EDU is a community-first project. In addition to enjoying the games on the site, we hope that many of you will chose to design your own games. If you’re a teacher, consider having your students design games too! Below is a template that will help you design your first game.

We’ll be adding additional resources and videos to the page in the coming days. We encourage you to share your finished game with the online Breakout EDU community (link) and/or submit it to the Breakout EDU game store! The Google Docs version is for editing online and the PDF version is for printing. They are the same template.