Designing a great Breakout EDU game doesn’t have to be a puzzle. This tutorial reveals the keys to creating a catchy story, setting up a smooth game flow, and crafting clever clues so that you can engage your students in the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.



With a catchy story, you engage players and make them want to get into that box!  Discover how the story weaves clues together and moves a great game forward to connect curriculum in an authentic way.



A great Breakout EDU game includes a series of challenging puzzles that players must solve in order to unlock the box. This video explores a variety of puzzle types and offers some clever ways to include cunning creativity in your game design.



Kick your clues up a notch! In this video, you will learn to layer in some game challenges that include perplexing patterns and cunning connections that will require players to think differently.


A great Breakout EDU game video sets the stage for anyone who wants to set up and facilitate your game. This tutorial reveals some tips and tricks for making your video entertaining, descriptive, professional, and EDUcational!


All Content Areas can be enriched with Digital Breakout EDU Games! We’ll introduce you to the different puzzle types, and demonstrate some tried and true methods for engaging players in a variety of clever puzzles . . . box not included.