How do I get the password for the games? 

All games are password protected to prevent players from looking up solutions while they play. You can get registered at

How do I set / re-set the locks?

You can find all of our tutorials at

Do you accept POs? 

Yes, you can start the purchase order process here:

Do I need different kits for different games? 

No! A standard Breakout EDU kit can play all the games on the site. A few games require inexpensive parts that you can obtain at a local store or from 

My school is tax exempt, how do I purchase one and not get taxed? 

To create a quote that you can use to generate a PO, click here.  

What ages are the games for? 

There are games for players as young as 6 all the way through adults. We also publish templates and resources to help people design their own games. 

Do you ship internationally? 

We currently ship locally in the U.S. We can ship kits internationally, but we plan on rolling out local sales in new countries later this year. 

What's included in the kit? 

Each kit comes with a large Breakout EDU box, a blue hasp, a four-digit lock, a key lock, an Alphabet Multilock, an Directional Multilock, a smaller box, a deck of Reflection Cards, a three-digit lock, a UV flash light, a USB drive, and an invisible ink pen. 

Do you have any Warranty?

Sure do. Please check out the policy at