follow the lead(er)

  • Game Creator: Garrett Uecker, and Tristen Hancock, with input from creative writing students (℅ Andee Collinson)
  • Ages: Grades 9-12
  • Ideal Group Size: 5-20
  • Content Area: Journalism, News Writing
  • Price: Free


A good journalist knows how to dig deeper into a story to find things others might miss. Today your task it to show your skills as a journalist to find the story hidden beneath the surface. 



Students may use their devices.



Tape the first clue on the small combination lock box. 
Have a stack of newspapers somewhere in the room. In this stack, there needs to be 1 sudoku puzzle. 
Highlight 3 boxes in the sudoku puzzle. When the students solve the puzzle, it will reveal the combination to the small combination lock box. 
Place the blacklight, a hint card (my students thought that they should have to work for a hint), and the 2nd clue. 
Hide clue 3 in a thesaurus under the word map. 
Hide clue 4 in/under/on the globe (or a map). 
Hide clue 5 by the classroom flag. 
Hide clue 6 by an outlet.
HIde clue 7 in a portfolio or a binder labeled portfolio
Students will look up “Black Tuesday” and discover that the date 1929 - this code will open the black combination lock. 
Hide clue 8 in the calendar on October 29th (the date of Black Tuesday)
Hide clue 9 in the camera - you could hide in battery compartment or take a photo of the clue so that it will appear on the digital display. 
Hide clue 10 in the sports section of the newspaper (from the same pile you used for clue 2). Circle the headline with the blacklight pen. Highlight the letters, in order, to the word lock, in this case “TELL.”