Congratulations on completing the first part of your team building exercise. Once your team is together in Mountain View we will kickoff the second phase of the challenge. But first, your assignment... 


Each of you (individually) needs to complete the following steps: 

  1. Prepare a 5-min oral story (no slides or graphics) that you can share with the group that had an impact in shaping who you are as an educator today. 
  2. Choose one physical item (small enough to fit inside the small box from your Breakout EDU kit) that helps you tell your story.
  3. Use a lock to design a one-puzzle game to lock the SMALL BOX from your Breakout EDU kit. 
  4. Create a clue that players will need in order to play your game. The players should be able to solve your puzzle in 3-7 minutes--nothing too complex. 
  5. Bring the game elements with you to the innovator academy. Do not lock your box while traveling. Security does not like locked boxes inside luggage. 

For example, I could lock my box with the number 1991 and include the following clue in the envelope: "One of my first childhood memories was visiting the Seattle Art Museum. It had just been remodeled and I was blown away by the building and the art inside. It established my love for art." Through a Google search they can learn what year the museum was remodeled and use the combination 1-9-9-1 to open the lock . Once they open your kit it would be your turn to share your 3-5-min story. 

We look forward to hearing your stories!