Tips for Success

Breakout EDU allows you to bring engaging, inspiring classroom experiences to your students, and we want to help you in this pursuit. Through funding partners like, local Education Foundation grants, or other educational supporters, you can make it happen.

If you plan on writing a grant, you will likely be asked to address the categories below. With help from members of our Breakout EDU community and users just like you, we have compiled some resources to help you get your project funded.


All the Breakout EDU games are designed by teachers with the Breakout EDU kit in mind. The locks in the kits are resettable and can be adjusted to play the different games.  

  • Most Breakout EDU games are best played with 8-12 players.

  • Many teachers use multiple kits to run a single game.

  • Other teachers use Breakout EDU as a station or classroom center activity.

  • The goal is for all students to be able to participate during a game.


With a wide variety of games for every grade level and subject area, Breakout EDU meets many of the guidelines listed by leading grant funding sources. When writing a grant, it is typically necessary to provide details on the cost, both to implement and to sustain your project. When writing your grant, consider the cost of:

  • Number of Breakout EDU Kits that will best serve your students

  • Annual renewal of Full Platform Access

  • Supplemental or replacement materials if desired

3 statement of need.png

What are the issues that affect your students and how will Breakout EDU help you address those? Grantors need to see that there is a reason to fund your project and how the funds they contribute to your project will make a difference.

  • Detail the reason you need funding and what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Provide facts and data to support your case.

  • Show that the issue can be resolved with the funding.

  • Keep your tone positive and confident.


4 primary goal.png

You will need to describe the primary goal of the project and how it blends with your organization’s goals and/or curriculum.

  • Be specific when addressing the standards and objectives for your grade or subject level.

  • Express a clear vision for the way that you will use Breakout EDU to meet these goals and objectives.

5 project descr.png

Breakout EDU is an immersive learning games platform. Kits and the digital Platform allow for the facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box (either physical or digital).

  • List some specific ways that Breakout EDU will apply to your area of focus.


If your project includes professional development how will it improve student performance?

  • Consider how you will continue to learn and grow in order to make this project sustainable.

  • How will you nurture your needs as a facilitator in order to make the most of the Breakout EDU experience?


When and how will you implement your project? Be sure to include a timeline of events. This demonstrates that you have a plan and are ready to implement your project.

  • Breakout EDU kits typically ship within 3 to 5 days from the date of purchase, and arrive within a week of shipment.

  • Codes for Full Platform Access are delivered by email as soon as the purchase is complete.

  • Once your kits arrive, consider your game play frequency. How often will you set up games? How often will you have students create their own games?

How will you evaluate student outcomes for your project? Grantors will want to know how you will know whether or not your project has been successful, and many require a follow-up report describing the impact that your project has had.

  • Explain how you will accomplish your project objectives and goals.

  • Demonstrate how you will measure success.

  • If you have a goal of increasing scores, include statistics about current scores and the desired increase.

funding sources.png

It is important that you document how you will spend the money awarded in the grant, so be sure to provide a detailed list. Include explanations as necessary to ensure the grantor understands how every dollar supports the project.

  • Have you carefully reviewed what money can and cannot be used for in the grant?

  • Will the reader know exactly how they money will be spent?

  • If you show a need for more money than promised by the grant, do you show where additional funds will come from?


Sample grants

Thanks to our community members who have shared their successful grant applications! While your grant will be unique to you, your students, and your organization, you can use these for inspiration on how to construct a winning grant application. Click the images for more information.

Katy Lefler, Middle School Science, Billings, MT

Katy Lefler, Middle School Science, Billings, MT

Jennifer Lundstrum, K-5 Gifted Instruction, Cumming, GA

Jennifer Lundstrum, K-5 Gifted Instruction, Cumming, GA

Hali Pyles, Media Coordinator, Burlington, NC

Hali Pyles, Media Coordinator, Burlington, NC

Janet Iadanza, 7th/8th Grade Science and Health, Howard Beach, NY

Janet Iadanza, 7th/8th Grade Science and Health, Howard Beach, NY