Breakout EDU is the immersive gaming platform for schools.

We have converted a school bus into a mobile Breakout Room where you will have 20 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and academic challenges and try to breakout of the bus.

Signups will begin at 9:30 AM on Monday morning at the Breakout EDU bus which is located on the corner of 14th Street and Champa Street, just outside the convention center. 

There are 5 spots available every hour for signup. We will also take 5 standby players every hour. To ensure yourself a spot, we advise getting to the bus early as we do anticipate a line. If you can't get a ticket, fear not! There is a standby line that we will choose players from for every other game.

You will need to fill out the form below in order to obtain a ticket in person to secure your spot on the bus.  Filling out the form also enters you in a raffle to win a FREE Breakout EDU kit. We are giving away two each day of ISTE.


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