Introducing the Breakout EDU Multilock

The Multilock is a new type of lock developed by Breakout EDU that allows users to create more flexible combinations with a lock that uses removable and interchangeable wheels. Each Breakout EDU kit ships with an Alphabet Multilock and a Directional Multilock. These locks work with all existing Breakout EDU games and will allow even more puzzle combinations for future games. 



Troubleshooting tutorials

  1. The Multilock's default combination is to line up all of the protruding knobs on the wheels along the bottom of the lock.

    • The Alphabet Multilock is a default combination of AAKUA

    • The Directional Multilock is a default combination of all the arrows facing to the right.

  2. Move all the knobs so that they are lined up with the Breakout EDU symbol on the bottom of the lock.

  3. Pull up on the lock shackle.

  4. Twist and remove the metal end piece on the opposite side of where the shackle is.

  5. Remove the 5 Wheels.

  6. Ensure that the red marks remain aligned with Breakout EDU logo on the bottom side of the lock.

  7. IMPORTANT NOTE - The first wheel is different than the other wheels (see image above). The first wheel will have spokes that stick out around the left side of it. That wheel must be placed onto the open lock first. BE SURE TO USE A SINGLE STARTER WHEEL IN THE FIRST SLOT.

  8. Slide the wheels onto the lock with the symbol/letter/shape/color you would like on the red line of the lock that aligns with the Breakout EDU logo.

  9. Place the metal cap back into place and turn it so the lock is ready to close. IMPORTANT: Be sure that that the rings don't shift while placing the cap back on. This will change your desired combination.

  10. Reinsert the shackle and scramble the wheels to lock.

The image below shows the direction that the locks need to be placed on the lock. The middle row is the part of the wheel with the protuberance. Please ensure that you place the Starter Ring on first, followed by four Standard Rings. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.23.06 PM.png