HOW TO troubleshoot a locked MULTILOCK

In the event that you have a lock that will not open with the desired combination, there are a few additional things that you can try. 


ONE STARTER RING - Make sure that you only have one starter ring in the first position of the lock. If more than one starter ring is used, or a starter ring used in the wrong position, this additional space will add cause internal components to not function correctly. The video on the right explains the different rings and how where they should be placed when setting the combination on the lock. 



LINING UP THE MULTILOCK BODY - In order to set the multilock to the desired combination, you must first make sure that the knobs with notches on the silver dials of the multilock body are all pointing down towards the bottom of the lock. Don't only use the color as a guide... be sure to check both the color AND the notches, as the notched knobs are the correct one. The video on the left explains this further. 


RING PLACEMENT - Be sure you're holding the lock so that the Breakout EDU logo is on the right side as you look at the lock. Many people tend to hold it upside down thinking that the arrow is pointed toward the beginning of the combination. It's important that all of the rings are facing the same way, with the teeth of the starter ring on the left as described in the video here. 


FINAL RING ROTATION - If the rings aren't held tightly in place when putting the end cap back on, the final ring could slip when rotating the placing the end cap on. If you think this is the case, try the combination you think it should be and then rotate the final wheel into every setting to see if that opens the lock.

Should your end cap become loose, you can put a small bit of super glue or hot glue on the inner wall of the end cap, wait for it to completely dry, and then reapply the end cap. 



Safely removing a single ring to save a lock.