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Each Breakout EDU kit comes with a deck of 52 Reflection Cards.

Playing a game of Breakout EDU doesn't end when the box gets opened. Yes, the game task might be complete at that point, but we feel that some of the best magic is what happens during the debrief discussion.

The Breakout EDU Reflection Cards are the perfect way to complete the game experience with your classroom. This deck includes questions suitable for all Breakout EDU games that ask the player to think about the experience and share what they learned, how they learned it, and how they worked as a group, etc. The cards can be locked in the Breakout EDU box and used in a socratic seminar, writing assignment, etc. in order to continue the learning. 


  • Option 1 (most popular): Place the cards face down in the Breakout EDU box before locking it. When players complete the game, take turns drawing a card and answering the question.
  • Option 2: Facilitator randomly assigns a card to each player after the game is completed. Players share their reflection with the group.
  • Option 3: Distribute the cards to the players before starting the game. Players can think about the question on the card during the game and share their reflection after the game is completed.
  • Option 4: After the game, have each player do an anonymous writing reflection on their question. Gather the responses and read the reflections aloud.