The Tags app (available now for both iOS and Androd) allows you to quickly and easily scan Breakout EDU tags to play digital games right on your mobile device. In addition, there is a QR Code scanner and RFID Scanner to allow players to unlock game content.

Point your device at the Breakout EDU Tag and your game or other content will appear. It's a great way to bring digital elements into a kit-based game or hide more game clues, resources, or mini digital games in any  Breakout EDU game. 

If your Breakout EDU tag loads an in-app game, you'll be able to quickly and easily play the game right from your device. The new digital game experience is optimized for mobile play.



When you create a Breakout EDU Digital Game or click on the "Share" button for the game you will see the screen below. From here, you can "View Full Screen" to display the Breakout EDU game tag larger and allow players to quickly scan the game and start playing and you can also click on the "Download Image" button to download the Tag as a .png file that you can print and place around the room or in a Breakout EDU box.

Alternatively, some games will have tags as part of their resoruces shared for setting up a kit-based game.