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Learn how to navigate the Breakout EDU Platform.

Learn how to create classes, managing classes, adding games to the library and creating games.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

Creating digital Games

The Digital Game builder on the Breakout EDU platform allows users to create digital games to play with students.

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Overview of Platform Features

The new version of the platform gives teachers the opportunity to create classes, share games and review games submitted by students. 

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Creating a Teacher Account

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To create an account, visit and click on Sign Up in the top menu. 

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Finding a Game on the platform

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Games can be found at by navigating through the subject packs or using the search bar. 

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Student Signup


Students can sign up (Class code required) to create their own games or play games assigned by the teacher with four simple steps.

Direct students to

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Creating & Managing Classes


To help organize game play, teachers can create individual classes. 

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Reviewing Games



Upon game submission from students, teachers can review, request revision or approve and add to game library for later use. 

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Managing Class games & Game Library



Teachers can add games to classes from the Digital Subject Packs, Student Submitted Games, or games created by them. 

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Assigning Games

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Subject Pack games, teacher created games or Featured Digital games can be assigned to a class. 

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Teacher Created Games


Teachers can create fun interactive games to challenge kids thinking. 

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