Thank you for your interest in Breakout EDU. There are three tiers for use of the Breakout EDU logo and brand. 

NO Restriction 

  • Presenting a free Breakout EDU session at a conference (ISTE, ICE, MACUL, Gafesummit, EdCamp)
  • Hosting Breakout EDU meet ups and informal gathering
  • Facilitating free Breakout EDU workshops (you're permitted to charge members the cost of a kit)  
  • Using the Breakout EDU logo and brand on homemade physical goods (i.e. open source kits) 

With Permission (contact to seek permissioN)

  • Using the Breakout EDU brand as a school fundraiser 
  • Facilitating a custom Breakout EDU event (no admission charged) 

Not permitted

  • Ticketed Breakout EDU workshops. 
  • Selling physical goods with the Breakout EDU logo (this includes the resale of any Breakout EDU kits or items). 
  • Profiting from the Breakout EDU brand in any way (if you believe an exception should be made, please contact